So far, I love Cheaper by the Dozen! On the first page, a sentence really stood out to me: “One reason he had so many children – there were twelve of us – was that he was convinced anything he and Mother teamed up on was to be a success”. This is something we have not seen in any stories we have read, a married couple working as a unit to manage the household. Their family rides in the car seem like good bonding time and it is cool to see the family in a different setting, something other than the home. The story is told from the children’s point of view, which is interesting because we see this dynamic through their eyes. The family seems so perfect and happy together but when Lillie said “’Right now is the happiest time in the world’” I could not help but question if this was a cover or how she truly felt because of all the unhappy women we have read about. I love the dynamic of Frank and Lillie’s relationship so far but I am wondering when and how it will take a turn south. Lillie does not seem like most women we have read about. She seems happy in her position as a housewife but I feel like she also has more freedom than most housewives. Like when the girls do not want to wear dusters anymore since they got mistaken for an orphanage, Frank asserts his dominance telling the girls they are going to continue to wear them but then Lillie asserts her dominance saying that they would be done wearing them. The children narrate saying, “It was a rare thing for them to disagree”, which added to my love for their dynamic because she won the argument!! Frank answers with “’All right, Lillie, as I always say, you’re the boss’”, SO AWESOME. This made me so happy because it is an example of Lillie asserting her dominance over his. When have we seen this at all this semester?!?


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