Layers of oppression

As human beings we experience trials and forces that contain us. Oppression is experienced by mostly everyone but as we see ourselves, or others see us as more diverse beings, oppression begins to layer. This is evident in The Help. The first layer is gender, whether you are a man or a woman you are immediately given roles to fulfill. During the times of The Help, the men provided for the family while the women were meant to be in the home. This crosses paths with class, lower class families had both parents working and middle and upper class families had just men working. Class, as a layer of oppression, dictates who works and what their work is in a family. The type of work done is often indicated by race, the third layer of oppression. In The Help, we see black women strictly as maids to white families.  It is interesting to see the layers of oppression and how everyone is oppressed by different things.


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